Where My Passion for Credit Education Comes From

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Having a passion for helping others is something that I have had since I was a teen.  I started working at our Church Summer Camp, and have always enjoyed helping others. Looking back over the years, I have noticed that my desire to help others helped mold me into the man I am today. I am so thankful that my passion never faltered, but slowly grew. 

As I add to the Blog, I will leave the personal “About Me” content that this initial post will have, and bring to you more content that will apply to your journey in Credit Score Health. But, I feel that it is necessary for you to know me and understand why it is a true passion. 

I remember graduation High School in 1999, and thinking I am finally done with required education. Little did I know, education is necessary in all aspects of life. And without it you must be content with your life and in the fact that all personal growth stops at your current level. I was like most youth, I had aspirations to conquer the world. Or at least buy a new car, and own my own home. I remember approaching my first year in college, and seeing an offer for a free shirt.  All I had to due was sign up for a credit card, and the shirt was mine! I didn’t know that there was an annual fee, nor that any late or missed payments would cost me hundred to thousands of dollars in interest later in life. 

Looking back, I can attribute my fire to that moment. Our government and education system call us adults and responsible at the mere age of 18, but provide no guidance or education in personal financial management. We are told nothing about taxes, and in fact we are encouraged to give the government an interest free loan with a refund coming to us once a year. We actually get excited for giving our government a free loan. Then we look at it as free money, or not money we earned and spend it on things that we don’t need or fully appreciate. 

As I have grown and made mistakes regarding my own credit, my passion to not repeat my mistakes has only grown. That growth includes my children, and the importance of educating them to not repeat my path. That passion has spread like wildfire, and continues to grow as I see lives change for the good. I welcome you to my circle of friends! I hope to get to know you, and see you reach your goals! Empowering you through education and watching your dreams come true only strengthens my desire and fire to help more people. Thank you for entrusting me with this responsibility. I look forward to watching you reach your goals, and reaching further than you ever thought was possible!


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